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Aesthetica Clinic -Cosmetic Surgical Procedures : 1.Head and Neck

1.Head and Neck

1.1. Bat Ears/ Otoplasty : Used to correct prominent ears and other less frequent birth or acquired deformities in the ears. For bat ears it usually can be done under local anaesthesia and in an outpatient basis.  

1.2. Ear Lobe repair: For those ear lobes that have been torn by an earring. After the repair you will be able to wear them again. It is an outpatient procedure and there is no downtime

1.3.Superior Blepharoplasty: Correction of skin and fat excess in the upper eyelid. It’s performed under local anaesthesia, in an outpatient basis. Patient can expect swelling and a little bruising, but will be able to carry on daily activities.

1.4.Inferior Blepharoplasty: For correction of sagging skin and eye “bags”, in the lower eyelid. Can be performed in conjunction with superior blepharoplasty, under local anaesthesia or combined with a light sedation. It’s an outpatient procedure. You can also expect swelling and moderate bruising and there will be a slightly longer recovery period.

1.5.Rhinoplasty: It is intended to correct nose deformities. These can range from minor ones to major procedures. The main areas to be addressed are the nose dorsum (a hump for ex.), the tip (a drooping tip) and the septum (a deviated). Accordingly it can be performed under local or general anaesthesia, in an outpatient regime or with a short stay at the Hospital (overnight). The patient will be swollen for the first 5 to 7 days, and it will subside in a way that they will be able to carry their normal daily activities after 7 to 10 days. There is also a need to use a nasal splint during that period.

1.6.Face Lift : This is a surgical procedure intent to correct the effects of ageing, mainly the sagging skin and the lost of volume. It works mainly by correction of the abnormal soft tissue positioning due to the ageing process and by excising the excess of skin. This will avoid an artificial and plastic look that is so often associated with the face lift. It is usually extend to the neck and can be combined with other surgical procedures like Blepharoplasty and Rinoplasty. It can be performed under general anaesthesia or using local anaesthesia combined with a sedation. Usually it’s advised an overnight stay at hospital. One should consider two weeks for recovery, as there will be some swelling and bruising. Pain is not an issue, regarding face lift procedures. The use of compression garment is necessary during this period.

1.7.Neck Lift: It is a similar procedure to the Face lift and they can be combined. The neck lift is directed to the sagging and lose skin of the neck; and in case of a double chin, neck liposuction is associated to obtain better results. Again this can be done under general anaesthesia or using local anaesthesia combined with sedation. Overnight stay at hospital is advised. Swelling and bruising are to be considered and it’s a relatively pain free treatment. The use of compression garment is necessary during the first two weeks.


1.8.Neck liposuction: It’s indicated mainly for the treatment of the double chin. We can use the vacuum assisted liposuction or one of the new power assisted liposuction methods like LASER lipolysis or the VASER. We usually recommend the Neck liposuction under local anaesthesia and in an outpatient regime.  Also swelling and bruising are to be considered and it’s a relatively pain free treatment. The use of compression garment is necessary during the first two weeks.

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Some questions & answers about Plastic Surgery and Summer....

What is the type of procedures most often requested to get the body ready for the beach season?


The main surgical procedures requested by this time of the year are directed towards body contouring.  The most frequent relates to localised fat deposits, mainly in the abdomen, hips and thighs. So I can say that lipoplasty ( liposuction or liposculpture) will be the most performed surgical procedure, followed by abdominoplasty or lipoabdominoplasty (tummy tuck). But we must also consider breast surgery, mainly breast augmentation, as it is more frequently requested during the summer season.

Why are these kinds of procedures more popular just before the summer?


It is related to the summer holidays when everyone will be more exposed in their swimsuits and bikinis. And this is as valid for women as it is for men. Also the Gyms, nutrition consultations and diets will have their “high season” at this time. 

In my opinion, anyone opting for these procedures should plan them well ahead of the summer months, that is to say between October and March. This will allow sufficient time for full recovery and furthermore, there will be less discomfort in terms of the patient wearing compression garments which are usually recommended in the post-op period.


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