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Look forward to yesterday...

Chegei ao Dubai há uma ano!!

Cerca de 6 meses após ter "aterrado" dei uma entrevista  à revista New You, em que discutimos alguns temas recorrentes na cirurgia plastica e cosmetica e mais alguns assuntos de ordem mais pessoal que tenho todo o gosto em  partilhar convosco. Apresento aqui um resumo.

Podem usar o link http://translate.google.com/#en/pt/ caso queiram fazer a tradução para português.

I arrived in Dubai one year ago!
Almost 6 months after, gave an interview to the magazine New You. We discussed some recurrent themes in plastic  and cosmetic  surgery, plus some more personal matters that gladly want  to share with you.  

Look forward to yesterday...


A landmark in Dubai’s burgeoning anti ageing medicine sphere; Aesthetica Clinic is committed to introducing the latest in minimally invasive techniques without compromising on the practice of evidence based medicine. Under the guidance of its founder, Dr. Maria Angelo-Khattar, a veritable pioneer in this field, the clinic ensures reliable treatment choices in rejuvenation and the enhancement of beauty.


Meet the Aesthetica Team

Dr. Francisco Falcão de Melo is a  plastic surgeon with his areas of interest embracing plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in addition to head and neck, breast, body contouring, oncology, chronic wounds as well as hand surgery.

An eminent addition to Dubai’s plastic surgery fraternity, Dr. Falcão de Melo has attended over one hundred conventions and courses on plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, microsurgery, burn care and hand surgery and has published numerous papers in his field.

What age is appropriate to consider a face lift?


Cosmetic surgery should be approached like any surgical issue and performed when there is a relevant problem that cannot be solved with a less invasive solution. Also it is important to note that one should not look to cosmetic surgery as preventive, because it cannot prevent in this instance, facial ageing. 


We have different treatment solutions for this specific problem, and they should be offered according to the diagnosis given by the doctor. The difference to other medical or surgical treatments is that the cosmetic surgery is an option so if the patient decides not to do it, there is no health prejudice.


    A face lift is addressed to correct the facial and neck's sagging skin, skin folds and wrinkles and also the loss and shift of volume that occurs with time. Therefore (a face lift should be consider)  in their mid to late forties , because before the skin is usually supple and voluminous  and is not an issue in the majority of women and men. I stress the importance of having a consultation because there is no set time frame, it all depends on each individual case, and of course lifestyle habits. The most important factors that speed the ageing process are the unprotected sun exposure and smoking and this can be changed or controlled  by you.


What book are you reading?

I usually have a couple on the go. Now I’m enjoying The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg which is a fascinating exploration of our pathologically habitual society. People smoke, incessantly check their smart phones or chronically choose bad partners. Duhigg digs into why we are this way, and how we can change, both as individuals and institutionally. Essentially his thesis is simple yet powerful: confront the root drivers of our behavior, accept them as intractable, and then channel those same cravings into productive patterns.


I also have Winter of the World by Ken Follett on my bedside table. It’s the second in his massive Century Trilogy, a full 960 pages long. The good news is that it’s quintessential Follett. The delight remains in the details.

It may be an intimidating read due to its length and it’s taking me more than a few cool winter nights to finish, but it's a good investment in time. Reading is an all consuming passion of mine.



What is playing on your iPod?

John Mayer Where the Light Is Live, it captures this rock genius where fans love him most: live on stage. The sounds are hauntingly beautiful, once you hear it once, it stays with you forever.


Do you have a favourite website or blog?

I regularly check news websites such as CNN.com, Eurosport  and the Portuguese Press.


Most challenging New Year’s resolution?

Taking my cue from Duhigg’s bestseller, it has to be substituting some of my habits by healthier ones.


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